Friday, 14 March 2008

IntroTo IGP

Hey folks, If you found this page then you are probably looking into investing into a new home business and heard about Instant Global Pay or IGP somewhere on the web. The system started up in Jan, 2008. Its pretty new which makes it a great time to join, as with this type of business you will make money off any one who is under you.

First things first, i recommend just going and signing up, it is completely free to
join and you can access the members area and see what its like before you spend anything. There is a link on the left of this blog to visit IGP.

Whatever you decide, its only $150 to join, you will never pay anything else and there are no catches. You will get 800 leads and your own business, including website, team support and loads of resources on how to make the system work. So for now i just recommend that you go Have a look, as this will give you a better judgment than me telling you everything about it. Once you have joined free, email me using the address below and i can answer any questions you have.


Nick Earl
Instant Global Pay Team Leader


Maria Peterson said...

Hi Nick, thanks for the info. I went to go check it out and it seems like a pretty good system. Great deal with the discount petrol, $750 of petrol a month is a great incentive to join! I will be emailing you with more questions

Simon Johnston said...

Hey man, good to find a bit of info on this. The system looks pretty decent.

I can't join right now as i have too much other stuff going on but i will be keeping an eye on your blog for the future maybe.

See ya