Friday, 21 March 2008

Its Getting Big

This system is just getting better and better all the time. The latest developments are as follows: the new back end residual has just been released, this part is totally optional, but you have to take a look at it. This is really good, and should also feed the binary because of the people it will draw. some people will have no interest in leads, but will be very interested in an opportunity to get health insurance. This alone can be a huge selling point.............along with the 401K, credit union, etc.

I think this is going to take this program to a whole new level, and even those who do not participate in this part will benefit because of people coming in through the binary to have the opportunity to participate in the matrix.....just gets better and better, If you haven't joined what are you doing?

More updates as they come, so stay tuned.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Cool New Addition To IGP

IGP have announce that there will soon be an auto responder built into the system. This is great news for all of us who hate constantly having to write emails to our leads.
The auto responder will automatically "drip" on your leads every couple of days.

This basically means that the system will soon just keep promoting to your list every couple of days expanding your opt in list without you having to do much at all, except the initial set up.

If you have not already visited the sight to see the members area and how the system works then i suggest you get your butt over there while this system is in its infancy.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

How You Will Earn With Instant Global Pay

To make money with this system you need to make a cycle. A cycle is 6 sales in your team, or people below you on your downline including you. With your down line you have a left and a right side and you need to make 3 sales on each "leg" as they are known.

When you make a cycle you get payed $150 dollars. You will also get a $25 Wal Mart card for the first team sale of each day and if your not in a country with Wal Mart, you will just get $25 added to your commissions, hey, im not complaining.

Below is a detailed explanation of the system, what a cycle is and how it pays:


Payment: Credit Card, Online Check

Product: 200 Leads (800) for march joiners


IGP Pays You $150
Plus 50 Leads Each Time You Cycle
Cycle = 6 Team Sales
( 3 Left Team - 3 Right Team)
Requirements: Personally Sponsor 2 People
(1 Left Team - 1 Right Team)
$24,000 Per Week Cycle Pay Cap

Earn (1) $25 Gift Card Per Day
On Your FIRST Daily Cycle

You Will Be Paid A $25 Bonus For Each Cycle Everyone You Personally Sponsor Completes

You Receive Centers 2 & 3 As Ghost Centers.
They Are Placed Left & Right Under Center 1.
They Will Capture & Hold All Volume That Flows Through Them. You May Activate Them
At Anytime By Paying $150 Each.
You Will Receive 200 Leads Each.

Friday, 14 March 2008

IntroTo IGP

Hey folks, If you found this page then you are probably looking into investing into a new home business and heard about Instant Global Pay or IGP somewhere on the web. The system started up in Jan, 2008. Its pretty new which makes it a great time to join, as with this type of business you will make money off any one who is under you.

First things first, i recommend just going and signing up, it is completely free to
join and you can access the members area and see what its like before you spend anything. There is a link on the left of this blog to visit IGP.

Whatever you decide, its only $150 to join, you will never pay anything else and there are no catches. You will get 800 leads and your own business, including website, team support and loads of resources on how to make the system work. So for now i just recommend that you go Have a look, as this will give you a better judgment than me telling you everything about it. Once you have joined free, email me using the address below and i can answer any questions you have.


Nick Earl
Instant Global Pay Team Leader